Learn to sing Hanerot Halalu

Sung as we light the Menorah

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The Menorah light is sanctified, so we are not permitted to use it for doing any work by. It is only for enjoying it's appearance and remembering the miracles.

The Words


Hanerot halalu anachnu madlikim
Al hanisim v'al hanifla'ot
V'al hat'shu'ot v'al hamilchamot
She'asita lavoteinu
Bayamim hahem bazman hazeh

We hereby light these candles
For the miracles and wonders
The acts of resue and the wars
That You performed for our ancestors
In those days, at this season

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The Jewish Music Recordings

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Hanerot Halalu Popular Recordings

Hanerot Halalu A relaxing rhythmic arrangement from the Pacific Pops Orchestra.
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Hanerot Halalu The Angel City Chorale gives a fine choral rendition of a traditional tune.
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Hanerot Halalu Cindy Paley gives a great track to learn the blessings over the Hanukkah candles.