Here are some great sites and resources on Jewish music, Judaism, prayer and more. Hand-picked links for you to learn from and use.

Recommended Excellent Sites

Jewish Music and Chazzanut from Chabad: Chassidic tunes of the Lubavitcher Hassidim. The site has plenty what to listen to, and chazzanut videos and audio as well. An excellent resource for Hassidic music, holiday songs and liturgy.

Judaism 101 - Jewish Prayer: This great site gives great introductions the basics of Judaism. With practical explanations, you can learn about the formal prayers and the constant blessings the observant Jew utters, thus uplifting his power of speech.
Chai Lifeline Online Siddur: Looking for a Jewish prayerbook and need it NOW? This site has an online weekday siddur prayerbook for you to use now. Works with computers, tablets, etc... It's awesome!
The OU Guide to Jewish Holidays: From the official site of the Orthodox Union, this section gives both the practical laws for all the Jewish holidays and background. Find what you need to know about the basics of observing Yom Tov, to answers about contemporary situations from Rabbinical authorities.
Jewish Calendar by Hebcal: Look up your Hebrew birthday, find out when the Passover comes out in three years, get candle lighting times for Shabbat in your city, etc... An awesome resource. There is also a synopsis of every Torah reading!



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