Of all the Hanukkah gifts they receive, it is yours that will make them sing.

Gifts they will love and use and be ecstatic about.

Chanukah cool gift ideas for music lovers

Of all the cool gift ideas, a musical gift is the coolest. I promise you that a musical Chanukah gift will be received with more joy than any other (except for, maybe, a new car or a Caribbean cruise). Here are some great ways to give the gift of music -- and I do apologize for that clich×™.

Cool gift ideas for music lovers include sources of music and the equipment to play it on. The first category has been revolutionized by the Internet. The two models that I recommend are the music subscription service and the music download service.

    Great Ideas: Gift of music. Lots of it.

  • A musical gift idea is mp3 downloads. Buy and download their favorite album, and email it or deliver it to their music player.

  • Amazon is a great way to find the perfect gift, and they are fast, too.

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