Learn to sing Al Hanisim

From the prayer service of Chanukah

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We thank God in both the silent daily devotion and the grace after the meals for the miracles He has wrought. Even simple historical events are seen properly as hidden miracles. All the more when the Temple candelabra burned for 8 days on one day's worth of pure oil.

The Words


Al hanisim v'al hapurkan
V'al hag'vurot v'al hat'shu'ot
V'al hamilchamot she'asita lavoteinu
Bayamim hahem bazman hazeh

(Thank you) for the miracles, the salvation
The heroism and the acts of rescue
And for the wars You fought for our ancestors
Back in those years, in these days!

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The Jewish Music Recordings

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Al Hanisim Popular Recordings

Al Hanisim A pop style composition by Debbie Friedman.
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Al Hanisim Catchy pop version by Craig Taubman.
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Al Hanisim Theodore Bikel and a lively choral performance.
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Al Hanisim Cindy Paley presents the traditional tune with added contemporary english lyrics.
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Al Hanisim Binyomin Ginzberg Trio, for the yeshiva celebration feeling.
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