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Purim is a time when we are required to summon up all the joy we can muster, whatever is going on in the world! Not always easy, but always makes us glad we did. Here are the Purim story and some thoughts on this fascinating day.

Purim Songs and Story

Brand new song! Hey Hey Hey Haman, by Yisrael Lutnick, for Purim!

Love to unearth a great song and be the first to share it? This Purim Amalek song is not only bluegrass fun, it's very significant! It catches the essence of the Purim story, in a mind-blowingly foot-tappingly fun way.
So if you could use some holiday cheer, listen to Hey Hey Hey Haman. It's bluegrass with a touch of tango (!) sprinkled with lots of faith.

Hey Hey Hey Haman is now available on Amazon and other sites.

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