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A Talmudic dictum for Purim!

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A passage from the Talmud about Purim joy and drinking! One should rejoice and forget all the evil in the world for this happy day. (But don't ever drink and drive!:-))

The Words


Chayav inesh livesumei
Livesumei bePuraya (2x)
Ad de- ad delo yada
Ad de- ad delo yada
Ad de- ad delo yada (4x)

A person must drink on Purim
until he does not know (the difference between " cursed is Haman and blessed is Mordechai)
Editors note: If you're planning to get stone drunk on Purim, you may not be understanding this song properly. See the Rambam, or at least his book. And certainly DON'T DRIVE A CAR! There have been too many tragedies that happened to people who thought it couldn't. Please. I beg of you.


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