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From the daily prayers

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The power of Jerusalem is in the Divine Spirit that resides in her. We pray thrice daily for the return of that Spirit in full glory and in fulfillment of God's promise.

The Words


Velirushalayim ircha
Berachamim tashuv
Vetishkon betocha ka'asher dibarta
Vetishkon betocha ka'asher dibarta (2x)
Uvney otah bekarov
Beyameinu, binyan olam
Vekisei David, David avdecha
Ay, mehera letocha tachin

To Jerusalem Your city, speedily return!
Dwell in her midst as You have promised.
Rebuild her soon, in our days
A permanent rebuilding
And the throne of David, Your servant
May You speedily establish


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Velirushalayim Ircha Popular Recordings

Velirushalayim Ircha Magevet present an a capella version of the D'veykus song.
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Velirushalayim Ircha Cantor Joseph Malovany, my teacher from Yeshiva University, sang this awesome cantorial tour de force with us.