The Words


Shabechi Yerushalayim et Hashem
Haleli Elokayich Tsiyon (2x)
Ki chizak berichei she'arayich (2x)
Berach banayich bekirbech (3x)
Haleli haleli Elokayich Tsiyon (2x)

Oh Jerusalem, give praise to God
Glorify your Lord, oh Zion
For He has strengthened the bolts of your gates
And has blessed your sons in your midst
Glorify your Lord, oh Zion


The Jewish Music Recordings

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Shabechi Popular Recordings

Shabechi Miri Hunter Haruach sings a simple arrangement.
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Shabechi Great instrumental version, by Nicos.
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Shabechi Eitan Masuri performs the wildly popular Sephardic version that has Ashkenazim singing like they never knew they could!