Moods and Jewish Music - Serenity

Serenity comes from understanding. As the child within us walks along the sea shore, marveling at the power of the waves, the endlessness of the ocean, he is suddenly filled with great joy. That child understands that something so wonderful, so full of life and beauty, could only be because of the ultimate wonder of its Creator. And it is from the same source that we come into being, so we, too, are innately wonderful, capable of creating great beauty.

So when tension, stress, and other feelings challenge our serenity, we can use all of our imaginative senses to return to that seashore - see the gentle ebb and flow of the water, hear the soft whoosh of the waves, feel the gentle caress of the sea breezes - and restore our understanding of how beautiful we are. Then we can tap that beauty to meet the challenges of daily life with love, vision, serenity.

" Oseh Shalom bimromav, hu yaaseh shalom alenu v'al kol Yisrael = He who makes peace in Heaven shall make peace upon us ..."

An explanation: Angels are comprised of fire and water, two mutually exclusive elements. Nonetheless, God makes peace between them and that forms angels. If we, who's differences are far less than fire and water, can make peace, then we too can soar like angels.

Recommended listening: Music by Claude Debussy, Beethoven's 6th Symphony, Chopin Nocturnes. Hebrew music by the group " D'veykus," the song " Oseh Shalom," from Yisra'el Lutnick's album " Gesharim."

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