Moods and Jewish Music- Gratitude

Gratitude, in hebrew, is " hakarat hatov," recognition of the good. In truth, we are surrounded by blessings, although we may not always be aware or even capable of being aware of them. A friend of mine often says, " The greatest gift is to recognize the gifts." Gratitude can be achieved when we think,   even for a minute, how much the people who are dear to us have done for us, and what gifts God has given us. Another wise person once said that he doesn't see problems, only growth opportunities.

" Hodu LaHashem ki tov, ki l'olam chasdo = Give thanks God for He is good, His kindness is forever."

The best feelings in life are when we feel that we've truly helped someone else and performed a true act of kindness. I once heard someone say that the solution to all problems is kindness. I believe he meant that when others appreciate us, we appreciate ourselves more, and thus we appreciate God, who created us, more as well.

Recommended listening: " Thank You For The Music,' by ABBA, " Wind Beneath My Wings," sung by Bette Midler, " Ani Gitara," by Naomi Shemer, Variations on a Theme By Haydn - Johannes Brahms.

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