The Words


Ets chayim hee lamackazikim bah
V'tomcheha m'ushar
D'racheha darchei noam
V'chol netivoteha shalom

She (The Torah) is a tree of life
To those that hold her fast
And those that support her
Are happy


The Jewish Music Recordings

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Ets Chayim Popular Recordings

Ets Chayim Wonderful choral a capella version of the new synagogue version. Magevet.
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Ets Chayim New choral cantorial version from Dudu Fisher.
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Ets Chayim Remember Safam? Here's a new one from those talented guys.
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Ets Chayim (modern version): Gorgeous piano and bass performance with David Chevan And Warren Byrd.
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Ets Chayim The Cracow Klezmer band performs an original setting. Gershon Veroba on Rhapsody.
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Ets Chayim The Desert Wind perform the traditional version with an exotic middle eastern flair.
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Ets Chayim The Jon Simon Ensemble, do the modern synagogue version in a beautifully lush jazz orchestral version.
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