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MP3s for Free: Music Download Trials and Paid Services

Rhapsody: Incredible catalog for $10 a month. Free two week trial.

Rhapsody has both an interface and a website. The size of the catalog is staggering. Opera, Pop, Broadway, Jewish-Israeli, all genres! I highly recommend taking the two week trial for no cost, just to see if it's for you, and to enjoy some great music. They probably ask a credit card, so remember to cancel before two weeks if it's not for you.


Get 25 FREE MP3s at eMusic.com Choose from over 3.5 million songs!

I still use Rhapsody, but have since become an eMusic subscriber. The difference is simply that I get to download mp3s without any time limitations. The music files are mine to do with as I please, whether it be burning a CD or putting them onto my mp3 player.

Each month I get 30 downloads, and am slowly building up my music library to a very respectable size and selection. There really is no drawback, and especially to give it a free trial and get yout first mp3s. You may choose to continue after the trial, or that it's not your thing. The music you got is yours to keep.

Click here to register for eMusic's free trial and get 25 mp3s of your choice to keep.