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From the Rosh Hashana prayerbook

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This prayer, in the Musaf additional service, looks forward to all mankind uniting in the service of God. It is traditional to sing a march or upbeat tune, and this one by Rabbi Carlebach is already a modern classic.

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Vyeetayu kol l'avdekha
Vivar'khu shem kvodekha
Vyagidu vai'yim tsidkekha
Vyidreshukha amim lo yeda'ukha
Viy'halelukha kol afsei aretz
V'yomru tamid yigdal Hashem ...
(more text in the prayer book)

And all shall come to serve You, and bless your glorious Name, declare your righteousness among the isles, and the people that knew You not, shall seek You. They shall praise You to the uttermost ends of the world, and shall continually say the Lord shall be extolled.

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Learn V'yeetayu, a Rosh Hashanah song