Learn to sing Avinu Malkenu

Avinu Malkenu is recited at the conclusion of each morining and evening prayer service on the high Holidays.

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Based on the prayer of the legendary sage Rabbi Akiva, this petition addresses God as both our Father and our King. A father shows mercy to his children, and a king strengthens his kingdom through his subjects. God should be merciful to us as a father, and bless us to strengthen His kingdom and perfect the world.

The Words


Avinu malkenu
Khonenu va'anenu (2x)
Ki ein banu ma'asim
Asei imanu tsedaka vakhesed (2x)

Our Father, Our King
Grant us grace and answer us,
For we lack in deeds
Do it justice and kindness with us
And save us


The Jewish Music Recordings

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Avinu Malkenu Popular Recordings

Avinu Malkenu Barbra Streisand and symphonic choir in a cantorial style rendition of the other Avinu Malkenus from the liturgy.
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Avinu Malkenu Maya Raviv sings with solo cello in a spiritually soaring performance.
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Avinu Malkenu Andy Statman on Rhapsody. iTunes features women's acapella group Chesed.
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Avinu Malkenu Lovely piano meditation by Jon Simon.
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Avinu Malkenu Gorgeous klezmer and beyond harmonica and band take from Bruce Kurnow.

Avinu Malkenu Great Cantor Benzion Miller performs with choir.
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Avinu Malkenu Tal Skloot with a meditative instrumental.
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