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The thirteenth principle of faith, this song has represented the essence of Jewish hope. Many sang this song in their true hour of trial in the German death camps.

The Words


Ani maamin beemuna shlemah
B'viat hamashiach
V'af al pi sheyitmameha
Im kol zeh achake lo
B'chol yom sheyavo

I believe with a complete belief
In the coming of the Messiah
And even though he may tarry
I will wait for him, whenever he comes


The Jewish Music Recordings

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Ani Maamin Popular Recordings

Ani Maamin Legendary cantor/opera singer Jan Peerce sings the European song of faith.
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Ani Maamin Mordechai Ben David on Rhapsody and iTunes. Craig Taubman and Caren Glaser sing an English-Hebrew uptempo catchy pop tune on Amazon. Check it out.
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Ani Maamin Debbie Friedman comes in with a pleasantly easy listening composition.
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Ani Maamin Great jazz instrumental composition with Avishai Cohen.
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Ani Maamin Classic rock version with Lenny Solomon and Shlock Rock.
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