The Words


Ein kelokenu, ein kadonenu
Ein k'malkenu, ein k'moshienu
Mi kelokenu, mi kadonenu
Mi k'malkenu, mi k'moshienu
Nodeh lelokenu, nodeh ladonenu
Nodeh l'malkenu, nodeh l'moshienu
Baruch elokenu, baruch adonenu
Baruch malkenu, baruch moshienu
Ata hu elokenu, ata hu adonenu
Ata hu malkenu, ata hu moshienu

There is none like our Lord

... our Master ... Our King ... Our Savior

Who is like Our Lord ....

Give thanks to Our Lord ...

Blessed is Our Lord ...

You are Our Lord ...


The Jewish Music Recordings

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Ein  Kelokenu Popular Recordings

Ein  Kelokenu Jon Simon's piano rhapsody on the traditional tune is just BEAUTIFUL.
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Ein  Kelokenu Reb Shlomo sings! Shlomo Carlebach :)
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