Learn to sing Tziyon Halo Tishali

By Rabbi Yehuda Halevi, of the 12th century

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The legend tells how Rabbi Yehuda longed his entire life to come to the Holy Land. This poem expresses that yearning. Eventually, he made it to Jerusalem, and as he kissed the dust of the Holy City, he was trampled to death by an Arab horseman. His yearning and prayers certainly helped us gain our homeland back.

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Tziyon Halo Tishali Ruhama Raz in a traditional rendition of the classic piece.

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Tsiyon Tsiyon Tsiyon
Halo tishali
Halo tishali lishlom asirayich
Ay ay ay ay Tsiyon
Ay ay ay ay Tsiyon
Halo tishali lishlom asirayich (2x)

Oh Zion, you will certainly inquire about the peace of your captives

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Learn Tziyon Halo Tishali, a Yom HaAtzmaut song