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Tziyon Halo Tishali Lyrics Translation of Tziyon Halo Tishali

Tsiyon Tsiyon Tsiyon
Halo tishali
Halo tishali lishlom asirayich
Ay ay ay ay Tsiyon
Ay ay ay ay Tsiyon
Halo tishali lishlom asirayich (2x)

Oh Zion, you will certainly inquire about the peace of your captives

Tziyon Halo Tishali, with Yisrael Lutnick

Tziyon Halo Tishali MP3

The backing track from the recording

Tziyon Halo Tishali Karaoke Backing Track

Tziyon Halo Tishali Popular Recordings

Ruhama Raz: Ruhama Raz in a traditional rendition of the classic piece.

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